CES 2013: Ubuntu Phone OS – Demonstration and Information

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More coverage from CES 2013! I get an exclusive look at the Ubuntu OS running on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This is some very exciting stuff that I am really looking forward to. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe.

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  1. to each their own, right? i hate all apple products because they are a piece of shit to me, but to you, its probably the apple that Adam and Eve weren't supposed to eat. So before you go talking shit remember its really not a piece of shit, its just not your style. Respect others for what they like. I don't go on all the apple vids and say apple sucks. Blah blah blah…. So don't do it here. Embrace the new

  2. hmm, seems like someone only uses their smart phone for calls…. Its like if you go from windows 8 to os x. They are completely different, they both can do the same things but you interact with both of them in there own way. So yes i would say that the ubuntu os is actually very impressive to me. I like seeing new developers getting into the game, it throws the others in a spin, and also gives the other developers more ideas and more competition.

  3. Wow an operating system that works on a phone, and it has apps? Oh man it notifies you when you get a text message? HOLY SHEEP SHIT!!!! I'm impressed.

  4. No its not another ROM of Android, its Ubuntu OS on a phone that used to have Android on it. It like changing your socks. If you put on a clean fresh pair, you are no longer attached to your week old dirty ones that stink!!! They are not the same socks, they are clean, new, fresh and feel great.

    Hope you understand.

    Ubuntu Phone OS, uses the same Linux Kernel as Android though to seemlessly interact with the phone hardware, but its clearly NOT Android, its better.

  5. canonical have been developing this for a long time now, i hope its very successful for them. Ubuntu on desktop is getting better with every release…..I LOVE UBUNTU!!!!!!!!

  6. Since when did swiping become a feature enough to launch another software platform. Geeesshhh. Shit is already complicated in an over saturated cell phone market. Keeping up is a job.

  7. they actually copied a lot of the swipe gestures of blackberry into there os…but the problem is that first the bb os is completed since 3 months and this is only on project status…he bb10 os will be out in two days : not enough time for ubuntu to get a device out

  8. I think that guy was being a little RUDE TO YOU he kept looking around as if your Questions was uninteresting.. when he should have Been Happy someone wanted to Know About that GARBAGE ASS OS!!!

  9. @madjunir A nexus cannot load other OS as of yet, Vanilla Android is default, some nexus have Sense Android ported, it's like saying Linux Mint isn't Linux because it isn't Ubuntu, anyways, Title seems fine to me because it's an Android phone running Ubuntu OS. Let's say we get an iPhone 5, you remove iOS and add Android, you're running Android on an iPhone.

  10. yeah it will be available. I dont think rooting will be needed. you could just probably load it up from an sd card just like you do on the mini ARM usb like computers, like the mk802

  11. I do not think it's a good idea because you have to use both hands to handling the phone automatically, not just with one hand because your phone falls from your hand…

  12. FrealFan2 has not described it quite right. Ubuntu for Android is something that is designed for new quad core Android phones that allow users to dock the phone and have a full Ubuntu Desktop direct from the phone sharing the linux kernel on the phone with Android.

    The video is Ubuntu Phone OS, which is not Android!!. This OS is native Ubuntu running on the phone using the full potential of Linux in your hand. It will be dockable too.

    Dev release will be available soon to flash GNexus

  13. Ubuntu for Android has best said by it's producers that it will be available free as a file upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Nexus devices and in the future will be hopefully be available as a standard OS for select phones available for purchase.

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