Change Default Font in Sticky Notes using Registry Editor – Windows 10 Explore

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Sticky Notes comes handy for so many users who use stickies daily, but one thing is gonna bother them that is the same old look font name “Segoe Print True Type Font” which is looks a little bit of annoying for daily users.

In this tutorial, we can change the font in sticky notes by using simple Registry Tweak, of course we can the copy and paste in stickies with different font taken from other word processing application, but this one looks ok for that time and also that is not stable…


  1. Hmm, can you make a video for "How to change font in normal sticky notes in Windows 10"
    I want to know how to change font in sticky notes Windows 10. Not in Simple Sticky Notes. TRY TO UNDERSTAND

  2. I gave this a thumbs down ONLY because it is better to speak instead of typing these many steps. There are too many steps to watch you type the instructions plus, you are going too fast. Redo this with with verbal instructions and I WILL give it a thumbs up gladly. I'm very sorry 😐

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