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We’ve had this enybox em05 windows 10 mini nuc pc, tv box for a few months now, and we decided it was to really push its hardware to see what it could do – It didn’t end to well.

We wiped windows 10 ‘it ran awful’ we installed Linuxium Linux Ubuntu port for the Intel Atom X5 – ZX8300 CPU as we thought it would run soo much better and it did.

Once we finished filming the initial parts and testing the everyday performance of using Ubuntu – We then moved onto trying to install the X86…


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  2. Hi Mathew, shame this box didn't last long. Any chance you can get hold of another similar box and flash with Libreelec/Openelec? Dual boot would be nice with Windows 10 & Libreelec/Openelec. I used to dual boot my laptop (Openelec/Win7) through docking station to my TV but got fed up with the noisy fan. Thanks for the upload.

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