Cheap windows 8.1 tablet Onda v975w vs ipad Air

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I got this tablet mainly bcos it does look like an ipad air, This tablet blows Ipad air out of the water in specs and price, Ipad is really overrated. This is a cheap windows 8.1 tablet


  1. Why would buy disposable windows tablet? There are many good branded out there like Cherry mobile, Starmobile, Nextbook that is almost the same price as this Onda v975w. sure it's pretty cheap but it's brand doesn't even get popular why would you bother to buy this thing if your gonna dispose it after a month, be practical. If you buy this Windows Tablet it's gonna be like your buying for design not for the quality and performance.

  2. Don't ever buy anything from Onda, or it will Crash and stop working . App s crash, touch screen is not working and if you look to the tablet it seems new… But it is the worst buy ever! Never again… I've tried everything, but the support doesn't exist!!

  3. You probably get this alot but besides you upgrading to windows 10 have you done any other updates like drivers OS ect. I recently ordered one from banggood but I was reading reviews that others have had trouble with not waking up or charging ect ect. i havent received my tablet yet but would like to know in your opinion what i should upgrade first. Thanks mate

  4. I fully agree with U… when U say: I dont buy names, I buy specs!!… yes!!!!
    unfortunately people buy what commercials push us to buy, but not me Im not in this game, and since todays i know that I'm not the only one..
    this company ONDA looks that is building good product, but the just need a little bit of more originality, and I mean a better design, If I was in them I will contacy a good italian or danish studio design to get more originality and be a real leader on the market

  5. Thank you very much for the nice review and comparison to iPad. I will never buy an apple product because once I made this mistake in the past.
    At the moment I am confused between this one and Teclast x98 air Windows. Which one, you think is better choice?
    How much is battery life? Does it have gps? I will only use for surfing the Internet and Facebook and playing some YouTube videos. Where it is available for cheap?

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