Checkout The Latest Youtube-dl, Youtube Downloader In Linux Mint 18, Ubuntu 16.04

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Youtube-dl Homepage:

Install Curl from the commands below.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install curl

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Really cool…


  1. thanks.. needed "curl"… this is why I'm not too crazy about hints and tips from Linux users.. this package is easy to install and get going, but none of the other bloggers mentioned curl.. this package didnt work until then.. for fucks sake, Linux needs to all get on the same page!!..

  2. hi Charlie, I have installed Youtube-dl on my Mac. I can use Youtube-dl no problem to get Youtube videos. I also believe you can use it to get video from other sites. I have been trying to get it to download from CBS. My wife likes a show and I'd like to get it for her in HD. I can only locate SD, which s not very pleasant. I keep getting an error when trying to download from CBS Daytime Shows – here is a link as an example –

    Do you have any suggestions. It talks about it has https as opposed to http so that might be an issue…..Thanks

  3. Hey Charlie please answer this question. I've got a feeling that you're into art programs and I don't know who else to ask this of. I love the desktop wallpaper on a certain website and I need to know what programs the artist's are likely using (on PCs not macs). It's on the 3D and Abstract section of this website and some of these are absolutely gobsmacking. You go here, click 3D and then your PC's resolution and then when you find one you like, you click it and another tab opens (if you set your browser correctly) and then you click on that tab and then that picture and it expands to full screen. Then it's just a matter of right clicking and saving to your desired folder. Again, what program(s) do you think these great artists are using? Here's the URL:×1080

  4. Hi charlie very nice. Just to point something out. If you want to look at the video formats just do youtube-dl -F {link video} and then the highest one will be at the bottom named hd720 or 1080 depending on the format. And just do youtube-dl -f 22 {link video} supposedly you shouldn't need to do this it should auto find the highest video format. But just in case.

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