Chuwi Hi13 Review – 3K Resolution 13.5″ Windows 10 Massiveness!

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Chuwi Hi13 Review – 3K Resolution 13.5″ Windows 10 Massiveness!
This is the largest tablet I’ve ever reviewed.
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Chuwi HiPen H3 Dual-chip Stylus for Chuwi Hi13:

Chuwi Hi13 Metal Rotation Keyboard with Magnetic Docking:

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  1. haha.. I could use such a big tablet if I had a couple of extra bucks lying around. truth is, it's huge and I would get a keyboard for it and turn it into a second, more mobile laptop. Price is decent too.

  2. Cool review bro, but just like Zi reviews tech you didn't bother to get the stylus or keyboard and review the full package so only half a review. Looks like a free review unit and you didn't want to buy the extras? You should really review everything on the device.

  3. Nice review. I've owned every Microsoft operating system since Dos 1.0.
    My Asus 10.1 Transformer tablet with removable keyboard dock is Windows 10.1 and I'm never buying Windows again. Just cast phone to 32" hd tv, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Done.

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