Civilization 5 Gameplay and Performance On Ubuntu 14.04 Linux (Native)

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Some gameplay and performance testing of Civilization 5 running natively on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, with maxed out settings at 1920×1080.

Civilization 5 has hit Linux and SteamOS! Best part of all, it is truly native according to Aspyr (the cool studio that ported it for us).

In this video, there are 2 parts:
1. At 0:48 I start Civ 5 on Ubuntu, and watch it’s performance via Valve’s OpenGL Performance tool.
2. At 8:05 I start Civ 5 on SteamOS, and see how it runs with exclusively AMD…


  1. Rather old video haha but I just re-installed Civ5 on my Debian machine (I used to play it a bit on windows) but I have the impression that the game even maxed out looks a bit worst than in Windows, like its missing some HD textures.

    I also noticed that when you zoom out the map and zoom in again, detailed textures of the terrain take 10-15 seconds to load, something that I can't remember happening on Windows.

  2. I recently switched from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 14.04.  Civ used to run flawlessly. Now, the frame rate is extremely low.  My laptop uses the GTX570M.

    Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be and how to fix it?

  3. I never play it using the 3D view, just the strategic view 100% of the time. Hopefully the next Civ game will allow the same too.

    Performance wise, the graphics card isn't the best (Radeon HD 6670), but it does the job (coupled with an AMD FX-6300 CPU) quite adequately. The open source drivers perform a little slower (and yes, I know very well AMD drivers and Linux are a crap shoot at best), but still perfectly within acceptable limits considering I play using strategic view. Proprietary drivers work about as expected, too.

  4. At least it runs moderately well on a weak AMD card like a 5750 on Linux. The GTX 680 footage looked nice, but I do wish you had the FPS counter on the SteamOS computer so I could just compare its frame rate differences for shits and giggles.

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