Clean Windows 7 StartUp with MSConfig

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Windows tutorial from on how you can use Microsoft MSConfig to cleanup your Windows start programs to make Windows run faster at boot up and during normal…


  1. If you are Windows 7, Vista or XP the start button is the little Windows symbol on the bottom left (by default) unless you moved it. You also can just press the Windows key on the keyboard and it opens. On Windows 8 there is no native start button anymore in desktop mode, Microsoft did away with it but it will return officially in 8.1. Meanwhile, in Windows 8 you can configure your start up programs from Task Manager there is a new menu there that isn't in Windows 7.

  2. Many users don't know what processes of programs are useful… So, I recommend how easy to delete unused files and programs using Windows 7 or freeware:

  3. You can set CPU affinity for a process or application, but not sure how you can do it for entire system unless you somehow made a Windows process restricted, open each open application/process, open file location and change the CPU Affinity back to using all CPU. I can't post links here but search on Google for changing CPU affinity Windows 7 and you should find the info you need.

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