Clear 3.0 ( Full glass theme for windows 8/8.1)

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Clear 3.0 glass theme for windows 8/8.1 x64 & x86 ….

get it here :-

& for more info go here :-

* Tutorial video showing how to install this theme properly


  1. what the hell does "old new explorer" mean? is it old or is it new? plzzzz if non-native english speakers r gonna do things like this then plzzzz check ur english so it makes sense!

  2. For more blur behind those windows, download the AeroGlassUI utility (from the same developer of AeroGlass), it allows to increase or decrease the blurriness. For "extreme blur" (mac osx yosemite-el capitán style) you need to create or modify the "BlurDeviation" DWORD value on regedit following this route: ComputerH_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsDWM

    I recommend modifying this Value using decimal base, not hex.

    IMO, the best values (visual-performance balance) are between 80 and 150.

    After doing this, go to Task Manager, and finish the DWM.exe process to apply changes. It should restart automatically and the blur density will change.

    Results can be amazing.

  3. I came out perfect video I remain equal to the task bar but I can not put clear as clear can put only the taskbar? Please tell me I have looked everywhere and can not find

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