Close programs in Window 8 – Windows 8 Tutorial

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This is a short tutorial demonstrating how to close applications opened from the Start Screen ( StartScreen ) in Windows 8. It used to be much easier in earlier versions of Windows to figure out how to close a program.

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  1. The fact that there needs to be a tutorial video on how to close a program in Windows 8 (and there are dozens of these) is a major red flag on Windows 8 functionality. You don't see IOS needing tutorials like these, do you?

  2. Thanks for this easy to understand tutorial. Win 8 has been a bit difficult to understand! 🙂 I was ready to lose it using task manager to close everything!

  3. 'Widows help has been disabled in this version of windows' -OK, go to MS win 8 help 'you must install 'silverlight' to view this video' –not. Find a dam video on youtube -there's the answer —–on how to close a program!! are you freekin kidding me????

  4. This is the most stupid system ever. I don't care about the extra features i just want something simple and that's what Microsoft took from me.

    Is it really that difficult to put an fucking X in the upper right or left corner?

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