CNET How To – Windows 10 settings you should change right now

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Here is how to change some important settings in Windows 10 to optimize your experience.


  1. For all the people saying that Windows update can't be disabled on Windows 10 there is actually a way to do it. You need to open Device manager and select the "Services" option. From the list of Windows services you can disable the Windows update service completely. Enjoy

  2. Thumbs down. Yes very useless tips. There's much more than needs to be done. You have to actually go into the system to stop automatic updates. And change a crap ton of privacy settings. This vid is retarded.

  3. This video seems very one sided, and doesn't make much sense, why would you want to optimize a non-touchfriendly expirence when you detach the keyboard and use the device as a tablet? See how that doesn't make sense, if you want to do that, fine by me, your machine, do what you want, but what she's saying is that this is what you HAVE to do to have a "great Windows 10 expirence on a 2-in-1 with touch screen so change these settings to make it have more of a non touch friendly expirence instead of going back and forth like it was built for! Derp derp derp hurrrrr!" Honestly CNET, don't make these one sided videos, not everyone is going to agree with you on that front, keep it to yourself… or at least rename the video let's say… "Windows 10 settings you should change if you want to keep it familiar" or something like that…

  4. I wonder how many liability arguments are going to start when windows just reboots in the middle of work.

    Now I see why the gov doesn't update their computers.. "We found Bin Ladin!.. wait no we didn't. Windows reset and we lost satellite."
    lol @ government using Windows.

  5. CNET's alarmist click bait and rubbish 'tips'. WiFi sense helps you so it's bad? Is already off by default! Updates always ask before updating! So why schedule it for the night? Do you switch off all notifications on your phones? So why do that on your windows? Turn off tablet mode on your tablet?

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