CNET Update – Ubuntu OS coming to smartphones

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A new smartphone operating system will be showcased at CES 2013, as well as a television upgrade kit for Samsung TVs.


  1. and its also way over priced for what it does for the 1.5k id spend on a mac i could get an amazing windows desk top (built by my self of course) and it has gotten alot better than the days of windows 98 i remember as a young 3 year old playing noe pets getting yelled at to get off the inter net because my mom needed to use the phone or my dad was expecting a fax

  2. dude i have an ipod and its great my phone is made by samsung and i will say that durring that time i would have rather had an iphone but being 14 at the time i lacked the money for a data plan and phone(not by choice it was either that or a shity flip phone from 06 or some thing) but then I got an android tablet WITH FLASH (witch jelly bean no longer suports) and its WAY better because of the widgets and features and as far as windows goes yes its unstable but mac is absolute shit for gaming

  3. Besides being unable to type, I asume you meant:
    "Linux itself is a kernel of windows…that alone is a fail..fuck Windows"
    Which is…huh? Windows has its own kernel. It's called NT. And Linux is an awesome kernel, not a pile of garbage like NT.

  4. Yea that's why there one if not the top companys of the United States. If they were so cheap, no one would buy their products. You get what you pay for, and Apple products are actually really good.

  5. Definitely putting Ubuntu on my phone when it's available, if possible. Hoping to see Samsung or HTC officially support Ubuntu as an alternative, though that's unlikely to happen.

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