COD Advanced Warfare Windows 7 Vs windows 8.1 Performance

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I posted a video showing the crazy system memory usage of Call of duty Advanced Warfare. I was using over 7 Gigabytes of system memory which is unprecedented. But a few other users informed me that it was in fact windows 7 which uses the system memory unifeciently and i should use windows 8.1. windows 8.1 is said to use around 5.5-6 gigabytes of system memory. I had to put this to the test to see if it was true. Does windows 8.1 really use memory more efficiently and is windows 7 really…


  1. 2-20fps difference;2gb ram difference;uses less Vram;higher GPU load, which will give you higher gpu temperatures(not the worst thing).     I'm gonna try win 8.1 out myself :D.   Kudos for the video!

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