Comparing Windows 10 to Linux Mint 18.1!

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In this video, I compare Windows 10 to Linux Mint, and explain why potentially switching to Linux Mint as your main operating system isn’t as hard as you may think it is.

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  1. Win 10 is changing… again. Under public pressure, Microsoft is releasing the code it uses to collect data, what data it collects and where it is sent. How truthful and accurate this will be is yet to be realized. Even with that attempt at transparency, I still will not use any Win product ever. The Win sys is just not efficient enough, it's bloated, clunky, resource hungry and seriously unhackable, after all, it is proprietary.

  2. The last windows I used was 3.11. I fought with Redhat for weeks trying to get it to run, and finally got Turbo linux to work. Come to find out, most of the redhat tools were broken, but no one would say so. The system was a LOT faster and more stable than 3.11, which would crash about every hour.. My ISP ran on an old 486 with turbo linux, which is how i found out about it. Through the years, I've used bsd and reverted back to linux with ubuntu and then mint linux. Mint is without a doubt the best, most advanced OS that I know of. Bsd has a more logical approach and would be preferred for very busy servers. It just hasn't developed as fast as linux has…. mostly because of a law suit by Unix. Going way back, before Google or Yahoo, search engines were more of the file editor type. Yahoo survived because of BSD. Microsoft products are truly junk. Do a google for "windows exploits". There are thousands with step by step directions.

  3. You can run Ubuntu inside Windows now, just need to enable the feature. You can use native compilers and execute linux based software without problems, right from the Windows. This feature is growing and it's awesome. No need to use Linux as desktop OS anymore.

  4. And the file explorer.. Geez, I swear M$ is in league with eye doctors now. M$ is burning the eyeballs out of every Win10 user with that stark white theme that, for whatever reason, can NOT be customized. I despise the library system too. Why not stick to the old way.. just give me folders. I end up making my own anyway. And the sharing system.. what the hell are they thinking over at M$? It's like they're trying their hardest to push everyone away, stifling customization and continuously hiding options deeper and deeper until they finally omit them altogether. It's like they want the PC and the Windows Phone software to work seamlessly, even though it's killing the PC experience for the sake of Windows Phone that nobody uses.

  5. I hate the "Windows Store". It's quite annoying wading through a sea of ad-injected apps. I don't even use apps, because they're too limited. "Free" apps are spam ridden ad generators, and I'm not buying any tiny bit of software with a credit card. I just don't trust the process.. low reward with moderate risk (not just c. card, but spamware) for a mini application. I buy software.

  6. Bingcoat is Microsoft paying you for advertizement?
    1. You can make self update in mint (option available when first time updae was started or in Control Panel)
    2. You can customize Linux Mint the way you like. You also have choice of displkay manager (xfce, cinnamnon, kde, mate, gnome, etc)
    3. Installing application is same: choose, click and go
    4. Command line is not needed sa as in Microsoft
    5. msconfig is available through command line only!
    6. Browsers should not be taken in consideration, yet I can install Microsoft IW or Edge on Linux Mint using WIND and PlayOnLinux
    7. Linux Mint is faster ina is using less resources and is FREE!

  7. Not a bad video, a lot of valuable information but I really disagree with you on some of your points. I have a laptop running Windows 7, it's got 4 gigs of ddr3 ram and a dual core hyper threaded core i5 520m and it runs amazingly. It's very snappy and one of the most responsive computer's I've ever owned. I don't know if it's because I run daily maintenance with auslogics programs and bi-weekly defragnentation along with monthly prefetch optimization, but it's honesty extremely responsive and fast. Aida 64 stress tests don't ever thermal throttle my laptop either. I had Windows 10 installed and it was just as responsive but I downgraded because I hated the feel of Windows 10. I also dual boot Linux mint 18.10, which is even more responsive. My point is to anyone with a cheaper setup like mine, you can most definatley run Windows 7 or 10 easily with those specs as long as you maintain your OS installs and don't overload your pc with porn . If anyone needs any help with a slow pc or help with anything feel free to message me or reply here and ill be more than happy to help you.

  8. 36:48 Not quite. I set up a new PC for a friend last year. Linux Mint coped with his elderly Canon i560 printer just fine. Whereas when I checked the Canon website, their Windows support ended at Windows 7. So you see, there will be lots of older things that don’t work with Windows 10, and you don’t have to go as far back as the 1990s to find them.

  9. 15:37 The big problem is that the Windows update process is so intrusive. Files that are in use by running applications are locked and cannot be replaced, like they can on Linux. So on Windows your machine becomes unusable while the update is in progress. Then you always need to reboot afterwards, even if what was replaced was strictly userland stuff, that could be reset just by restarting a few processes.

  10. Been a Linux user for years. Tried many different distro's and have ended up using mint exclusively. Mint is just so damn easy to use. I no longer want to hack or build a kernel I just want to start it up and go, and this is the flavor (pun intended) I like the most. If you want a windows look use mint/cinnamon, it will help you ease into Linux.

  11. Running Windows 10 (being obliged) at work, and I am seeing the same "issues" that I have seen in previous Windows versions.
    Microsoft Windows will never stop being crappy.

    Windows 10 doesn't use 4 GB. And I am runnning Linux Mint (that still being 17.3) just fine with 4 GB.

  12. Stay away from Linux. Windows is just fine. Linux is shit. Now my computer can't adjust brightness, i did tried many commands and it just doesn't work. I can't use fingerprint. No driver shown to install it. I can't scroll using my touchpad, again no driver.

    Plus the browsers keep closing and web pages keep crashing. When i tried to download stuff it says network failure. Really horrible. A nightmare. Really regret installing Linuxmint.

  13. I know this sounds offensive to Linux lovers, but I’ve been using Windows for over two decades now. The first version that I’ve ever actually owned was Windows 95, although I’ve used Windows 3.1 on several occasions when I was in elementary school. I wasn’t sure about ditching Windows for Linux for this sole reason: incompatibility with my existing programs. When I’ve heard about multi-booting, virtual machines, and all that stuff, I’ve been contemplating dual-booting Windows and Linux, whether it be on separate hard drives or via virtualization.

  14. I liked this video and have just hopped off the Windows juggernaut and am really made up with Linux Mint 18.23 Cinnamon. It isn't like it used to be way back when I tried it before and you have made some really good points soem of the things you have suggested I have already implemented.
    For anyone else I have also tested KDE Xfce (both ok) and now the Linux Mint LMDE2 "Betsy" – Cinnamon 64bit a nice system too and seems to be a a good light weight version to go alongside what I have already got.
    Thanks again for some of the heads up stuff really appreciated it. The only downside I have come across yet is that I cannot run my sound cards though Linux even though they show up in sound but small price to pay for getting rid of Big Brother.
    A good part too is easy install and no activation codes to cope with and worth every cent of any donation anyone wants to make which I feel is only fair.

  15. LMAO disable the Windows update service and the Orchestrator updater services, then use Group Policy and you can EASILY completely control every single thing. You can fully customize it, learn to use advanced administrative applications in Windows 10 rather than just hacking your registry apart. File explorer is a BEAST in W10 and you have to set the file manager to show full address by simply right clicking it and or View details and change the categories to show whatever the hell you want including FULL PATH right in front of your face. Your such a Fanboy and fail to see the truth. Edge is bloated man it's a slug compared to FF or Chrome and garbage. It's IE with a skin ffs, I tried to listen to your points ;but your so technically ignorant and speaking a lot of nonsense that exposes your lack of knowledge. EDGE is way slower than FF and Chrome, like the points you make are just opinion and not based in technical knowledge at all. No real difference between FF and Chrome buddy, I can't even listen to this. You talk about controlling privacy settings ;but don't know shit. You can send them zero data sing Group Policy, the registry is not for users to customize the system it is a system resource. GROUP POICY gives you full control and you don't even know how to pronounce telemetry never mind have a clue what it is and you can shut it all off if you're not a total n00b. Quit saying telemetry ffs and anyone can hack you on Linux way easier than W10 you dumptruck. Don't listen to this tool anyone. The only people in fear of newer os and tech are ignorant of how technology works.

  16. Slap another hard drive into your machine download whatever version of Mint or whatever onto it. Keep your Windows blab! blab! on the other drive. Know for sure that "other software" you elected to include with either operating system is bloated crap that you most likely abandon or never use. The advantage with free Linux is you may modify it as you wish wipe it out and install what you use without the bloat. I have installed Mint 18.1 Cinnamon about 4 times, Mint 18.1 Mate 3 to 4 times, and Kali at least 2 times and still have Windows 7 on another drive. I don't know how one can survive without hacking the registry, using the cmd line in Windows to gain control as ADMINISTRATOR, crap I used SYSTEM in NT TO gain control of Windows. Likewise the terminal in Linux becomes essential at times. Know that the documentation for Windows and Mint is dismal. Now I run Mint 18.3 Mate while the " Official User Guide" english version is still 17.3 Ubuntu 14.04 kernel 3.19. while 18.3 is Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS with kernel 4.4.0-53 according to my System Monitor and uname -r. Learning pains but I'll take Mint 18.1 over Windows 10 for most of my needs.

  17. I dont care what you say, you dont need 8 gigs of ram, im running both with 3 gigs of ram and both boot with in 30 seconds or less. Thats also with a standard HD (7500rpm). You really dont need that much RAM unless you are gaming. I think they know what they are talking about when it comes about their minimum requirements. Also you say dual core and quad cores like all CPUs are the same. CPUs are different every generation a lot of dual cores can out perform quad cores so you should specify which generations you are talking about. You probably need that much ram since you are running of a VM.

  18. Just installed Mint 18.3. Not impressed, because Linux, imo, seems (still) like someone's hobby. Mint update asking me obtuse, and very NON-newbie, questions about how I want to update. Worse, Firefox, the only browser packaged with the installation, does NOT work–or, it does–for a minute … then hangs. Quite a drag, also, to constantly be asked to insert my password–within seconds of tasks from different parts, it seems, of the Mint OS.

  19. What sucks the most in Linux are DRIVERS I'm 32 years old and I started to use computer's when I had 9 years old I had experience with all Windows versions e so many Linux distros. I have ASUS laptop works very fast with Windows I tried so many distros like Mint, Manjaro, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and many others. Even now 2017 after 20 years ahead LINUX still have drivers issues, drivers are generic and sucks makes your computer don't work properly and causes delays, to install drivers still sucks like in the past. My wifi adaptor card works pretty fast on Windows 10 on Linux that uses generic driver works with more delays and SUCKS. I'm not fanboy of anything I use what I like, I like to run Blender on Linux and others apps but with these old problems makes me still using the best operation system nowadays WINDOWS 10. LIFE IS TO SHORT TO DEAL WITH ALL PRETTY OLD PROBLEMS THAT LINUX STILL HOLD. I give up use Linux with all generic drivers that put down the performance of my laptop. LINUX grew up so much with Ubuntu from CANONICAL a capitalism company that helped so much the platform. I now Linux works good on so many super computers but for normal people it just SUCKS!

    The software Manager on Linux SUCKS with delays and very unprofessional design!
    The audio card wasn't working on my laptop an takes me ages to find a solution, also even after fix the problem it does not work fast and smooth like Windows 10. Linux is good of course for security but again still sucks with all old problems.

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