Comparing Windows 10 to Windows XP!

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I compare Windows 10 and Windows XP, two fairly similar operating systems from totally different time periods.

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  1. I love the way you try and put Windows XP down by saying how slow it was before you even tested it (for example the Edge browser vs IE 8,) and they both came up with the same times (Though, in actuality IE 8 was slightly quicker!) Also, Windows XP DID have the classic Control Panel, you obviously didn't want to look properly. Throughout this video you definitely sounded like a Windows 10 snob. Even though Windows XP was matching Windows 10 in all the things you claimed Windows 10 was faster in you had to try and make an excuse up how Windows 10 was "better" when Windows XP matched it. This is dumb anyway. They are both so similar (Obviously as they were both written by Microsoft,) that you really cannot compare them. Now, if it was iOS on a MAC vs Windows, then that would be worth comparing.

  2. What? Nobody use anymore CD and cassette? Well, I still use Harman Kardon HD 7400 CD player and cassette deck Pioneer CT-737, music from hi-fi system is still much more warm and crisp, compare to music stored at PC, where you are "limited" because of compression of sound cards.

  3. Really? Windows XP is very old. The only reason you somehow like Xp more than 10, is because of nostalgia. 10 is much more powerful, and can run bettee games. XP may have a better interface, but in my opinion windows 10 is superior in everyway. I am not saying XP is bad. But it is weak nowa days.

  4. Yeah I still use XP and Chrome. Due to some medical costs I can't upgrade my PC right now. I was going to get two games but I PC can't run any of the games that are out right now.
    (Pirates Online Retriubutionm {A picture perfect recreation if Disney Pirates Online} American Truck Simulator, Farm Sim)

  5. In the beginning I was using Windows XP.
    When they stopped supporting Windows XP I switched to Windows 7.
    When they stop supporting Windows 7 I will switch to…

    …Windows XP.

  6. You forgot some vital stuff. Seach XP can be fully customized. And now try to find 'history' in Edge. You can't. 🙂 And last but not least now see the size of both O.S. on your C drive !
    WHAT IS ALL THAT S.W. DOING ?? And now log off. W10 is transmitting a lot before signing off.

  7. I was have xp that was fucking slow as fuck I always want to download a thing and It don't works all games are laggy windows crashed get me a blue screen I just put the computer in the trash I told my self I want new thing like windows 10 I see it I get it but it was in a lap top I just open my mom phone and how to just let it works and I see it was have 1000 gm it was a lot I fucking download every thing

  8. I am running Windows XP on Asus Celeron Dual Core 2 GHz and 3 GB ram (often the cpu work at 0% but sometime go to 80% and uses 2.5 GB of RAM during websurfing ) and performance still be acceptable but less comparson a i7 4th with SSD and Windows 10

  9. windows xp was a great os. Windows 10 sucks! I don't need the most special functions but I need the same drivers from the Internet. It doesn't work in both systems but xp is old and 10 not.

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