Comparing Windows 7 to Windows XP!

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In this video, I compare Windows 7 to Windows XP, and tell you guys various things about the operating systems.

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  1. Counting arbitrary applications into the system requirements isn't correct. The bloated web browser will require a given amount of ram on any system it can run at all. I'd say the minimum for XP is 256 MB and 2 GB for Seven. Lower than that, and you use the previous generation "insecure" system with retro applications or games.

    Icons being out of date don't make them objectively worse. Consumers have been conditioned to want a change in style and buy the same basic thing over again. The XP icon style was often harder to read and indeed looked unprofessional. At least the Luna has good clarity. I can't find a business-style theme theme for Windows without flaws, such as mismatched, too similar colors.

    The classic style appears to be untuned in Seven, unlike in Seven. It has large areas of solid white or grey, uninterrupted by lines of chrome, and appears unorganized. It hurts the eyes, or confuses when the grey is perceived to signify disabled state.

    Windows 2000 & ME had the best icons and visual style that is partly retained in 2003/XP, but not in Vista anymore.

    Classic Shell and 7 Taskbar Tweaks are essential add-ons for old users migrating to Windows Seven. They can restore cascading menus and layout of the taskbar.

  2. I bet if you showed a picture of Windows 7 next to a picture of Windows 10 and showed it to someone who knew nothing about operating systems or computers, asking which one was more modern, I bet 9 out of 10 people would say that Windows 7 looks more modern than Windows 10

  3. Two legendary OS without doubt. I'm used Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1) and Windows 10. But most stable Windows are Win Xp and Win 7.
    I think when Microsoft ends of support Windows 7, 5-10% will be switched to Linux.

  4. windows 7 for me is basically another version of windows Vista. BUT WORSE! here are all the errors that i can remember when using windows 7:
    1: Got a Virus 😐
    2: Got a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. Computer was unusable for about 1 month 😐
    3:Got a BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. Didnt even work in safe mode… Had to wipe off all the memory on my laptop and reinstall windows 7.
    Although windows XP is unsupported, I would definitely recommend it. I Would use it even if its unstable to use. I really enjoyed Windows XP before i sadly upgraded to windows 7. Maybe i can return my laptop to windows xp somehow? I might get a windows XP copy in like may 1, not that far. That reminds me… Here are all the errors i got when using windows XP (aka THE BEST WINDOWS OS EVER!!!)
    1. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH when booting up. Had to reinstall it Windows XP. I still dont know why i told the technician that was fixing my laptop to upgrade it to windows 7.
    I really miss using Windows XP.

  5. Forget Windows Media Player! Download MPC-BE or MPC-HC , it is based upon the original Windows Media Player but better. Combine it with a video processing tool like madVR if you have a somewhat decent graphics card.

  6. Wow, my high school had nearly 3000 students. We were overcrowded and had to add trailers. 20 years later and the trailers have been removed. The high school still has over 2000 students today. My graduating class had around 500 students and the class Facebook page has over 400 members.

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