Comparing Windows XP to Windows Vista!

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In this video, I compare Windows XP to Windows Vista, two totally different operating systems from different time periods.

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The story behind “Bliss”, the default Windows XP Wallpaper:

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  1. Xp is much older os than vista and you can't compare this two os….this is stupid 😉 vista with sp2 is awesome, xp is old, slow, unstable, and trash for me…this can't be compared 😉

  2. That is why Vista was received so poorly. The hardware we had back then just couldn't handle Vista. People were blaming the OS when in fact it was the hardware they were using, yes the OS was probably not as optimized as i could have been since it was rushed but the hardware was still not enough in my opinion. Even manufactures like HP and Toshiba were shipping laptops that just didn't have the specs needed to run Vista. Microsoft should have upped the system requirements but obviously we were in a time where the hardware was just not where i needed to be. In my opinion Vista was way ahead of its time

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