Complete Guide on Installing Software in Ubuntu

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Complete guide on how to Install Applications in Ubuntu, starting with the basics of Ubuntu Software Centre, Using downloaded .DEB files, moving on to Pre-Compiled Binaries, then all the way up to Compiling from Source Code.

Use the timings below to skip to different sections of the video:
0:18 Software Centre
0:46 Synaptic Package Manager
1:15 Adding Repository (I have done a more in-depth video on adding repos)
1:55 .Deb (Debian) files on Correct Architecture
2:58 .Deb files on incorrect…


  1. Nope, on my laptop with Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS I can click on any install button in the software center, nothing ever happens.
    I only see 2 mm of red stripe as a progress bar, but it never moves. I never ever succeeded in installing any software on Linux.

  2. I am reserving this video for the future. I just downloaded Kubuntu. cannot do anything but stare at a screen. I cannot download software; or use any because there is nothing on the kubuntu. I am a new user to linux. This video may be well for intermediate users; but, I cannot even get the programs on Kubuntu. I do know windows inside and out. I can do anything with windows; including terminating hackers off of windows [in some cases].

  3. toooooo much piss fuckxxxx around , thats why people prefer windows microsoft . 2 clicks and your program is installed. Not this stupid Terminal. I get terminally ill when I see all that you must type in to install a program on ubuntu !!!

  4. More like
    Ubuntu: Search software centre and download file
    Windows: Look for days for a non rip off, non virus infested app, then settle for something that clogs up the registry and causes Windows to slow down even more

  5. Windows: Download the file. Double click it.
    Ubuntu: Look for days online on how to install anything, read guides, take your chances in the terminal, try all buttons for hotkeys and finally die from frustration.

  6. why is this so complex, I am new to Ubuntu (Windows user) and My Harddrive has not confirmed crashed, i am using a virtual desktop to access the internet and I am trying to figure out to view my NTFS Disk , in the boot up my Bios does not recognise the disk. I am looking for a tool that will allow me to view /mount the disk – tool after tool i download on ubuntu desktop and I cant lanuch the application. Any help would be welcome.

  7. Hi, is there a chance that you make a video-tutorial for installing Ksimus circuit simulator, because it is clearly that you have experience with Ubuntu, and I desperately need this program as soon as possible.

  8. @quidsup sorry champ still lost
    guy@guy:~/Desktop$ sudo ./BlueGriffon-1.2.1-Linux-x86_64-Install
    [sudo] password for guy:
    sudo: ./BlueGriffon-1.2.1-Linux-x86_64-Install: command not found

  9. YOU MISSED ONE! Im running Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric) 64 Bit. for the life of me I cant install or find out how to install blue griffon web editor. I cant change permission on the file BlueGriffon-1.2.1-Linux-x86_64-Install. Quidsup can you help?

  10. @quidsup When you are saying "oh you think it will work" on your terminal there are messages saying "nothing to be done for: install-exec-am" which is similar to what errors I am getting trying to install Mangler from source. It ran ./configure fine and ran the first make fine, then whether I sudo make install or make install, it gives me the "nothing to be done for" and it doesn't install on my computer. Sorry am a Linux/Terminal newbie

  11. I'm trying to install Mangler from source code on Ubuntu 11.04 and I am getting the same errors that you are getting at 8:48 in the video, the "nothing to be done for install-" errors, any idea what to do for this?

  12. @quidsup Good to know about your experiences. I've tried as much as I can to replace Windows aplications by the similar and natives on Linux. But still there are some that needs WINE. and its .exe versions. BTW I just founded while ago that this aplication you can put Babylon dic files on its folder just copying like the original, Good to know about it. Thank you.

  13. @quidsup Is there any Text-to-Speech stable, really funcional and any multilanguage dictionary offline? (not any of those online avaliable on Software cernter). I just not want to encourage Wine running Windows aplications, wich is I am doing on those 2 above. As for ilustrate, in wich of those, text-to-speech and a diccionary offline on Windows, you can download the packages of the voices your local language and on the diccionary as well, you just copy the language pack on the software folder.

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