Connect Windows 7 to a Peer-to-Peer Workgroup

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Learn how to connect Windows 7 to a Peer-to-Peer Workgroup and set up the user accounts and passwords for seemless file sharing.


  1. your title is not related in what you are doing..we already know how to create an account and set a password and select a account picture..we're here to know how to create a peer-to-peer connection in windows 7 ^_^

  2. I'll give you a hand…read the title and tell me where it says he's going to show you how to share files.

    Learn English just a little better and it will pay dividends and save your fingers (and mine) from typing useless youtube comments.

  3. I think the problem is it wont let u use the same name as password, but this filesharing via workgroup is driving me nuts it keeps asking for name a PW when opening networked pc

  4. what do you mean by Windows 7 will only let you have a password of 7
    I have made an user account on my Brother-in-laws PC for his kids with only 3 all letters all caps… standard user… this is the second video I watch where you say it has to be 7characters long with upper and lower letters with symbols.. so way was I able to do it with only 3 letters all caps?

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