Connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC : (Wireless/Wired) – Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

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Full Tutorial on how to connect an Xbox 360 wired or wireless controller to your computer. Connect the controller to windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP.

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♒Things you will need♒

♦Wireless Receiver (Third…


  1. If you're running Windows XP, click on the Start icon and shut down your computer. Now, simply unplug your computer, throw it in the garbage and contemplate on your life choices for a moment.

    Afterwards, buy a new computer, preferably one running Windows 7 or higher.

  2. normally if it buggers up and doesn't connect its because the receiver is picky and will only work on the USB socket that you first installed it with, but sometimes it just doesn't connect, you dont NEED to uninstall it as normal it works again withing the hour you just have to re calibrate both Xbox controller and receiver

  3. I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the drivers 3 times. using wired xbox 360 controller. spent at least 5 hours troubleshooting this and nothing works. is it possible that windows just isn't accepting my controllers?

  4. When I try to run the software it tells me it requires fucking elevation which makes no sense and I'm literally about to bash my laptop against the concrete then pour kerosene on it and set it aflame

  5. Doesn't work. Running windows 10, got a wireless controller (although it's wired through a charger since the batteries are fucked). Only blinks when I turn it on. When it's turned off and plugged in, nothing shows up in the device manager. When I turn it on, Xbox 360-peripherals show up. Tried uninstalling it but it reinstalls automatically. I can switch between play & charge or wireless by updating the drivers, but it doesn't seem to matter. Unknown device does not show up.

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