“Connected but No Internet Access” Windows 10 Fix (ALTERNATIVE) [2018]

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Hello everyone, Jussin here from Subvoid Media with a follow up video to my original “Connected but No Internet Access” video. I have several more commands that can be used to fix the networking issues present in Windows 7-10. Don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe if this video helped you out!!

netsh winsock reset all

netsh int tcp reset all

netsh int ipv4 reset all

netsh int…


  1. Thank you bro…but it is not working on my PC…
    After using the above codes it is showing like this
    After – netsh windsock reset all:-The requested operation requires elevation (run as administrator)

    After -netsh into TCP reset all :-Reset of all TCP parameters FAILED

  2. It’s not freaking working for me ! My laptop just updated to the latest Windows 10 update and I think that caused it ! Please help me out I’ve tried every single thing out 😔

  3. I try the 6 at the same time and it work. Thx a lot but each time i restart my computer i have the same problem. Each day i have to do it to get my internet. How can i make it permanent?

  4. You're a legend! Thanks Mate,
    I tried your first video but had no luck using "netsh int ip reset"
    Your first command here worked for me though.
    Thanks again, I'll subscribe to your channel thanks to this 😉

  5. none of this worked for me but I figured it out myself. Maybe this will work for you…
    Go to settings > then go to Network & Internet > Go down to Proxy and make sure use setup script is off and I also have automatically detect settings switched on and and everything works internet explorer, Microsoft edge, Google chrome. Hope this helps someone.

  6. thank god these methods worked!! It was 2am and I had a huge assignment coming up, and jesus lord you saved me and my grade. Subscribed and liked!!!!! btw, I am not too familiar with these kind of things but do these codes make your pc run internet faster? Because for some reason my internet is running faster than before.

  7. hey if you do think you could help me plz email me SubVoid Media if ya can help me figure out how to fix my ethernet i have tried multiple times with those network commands the restart router and restart pc but even tho it gets my ip it still tells me no internet access i even checked to make sure the cables were still good and they are everything else in the house which is wireless and the other 2 pcs that are connected by ethernet are able to access internet but mine hasnt been able to since last months update one day it was working just fine the next day after seeing windows forced another update on my pc the ethernet wouldnt work since i just want internet access back rip anyways me email is xbox3t@gmail.com

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