Convert RPM to DEB ( debian) package in Linux Mint 13/14 (Ubuntu) using Alien

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Convert rpm package to deb ( Debian) package in Linux Mint 13/14 ( Ubuntu ) using Alien.
Alien is a command line utility that converts RPM package to debian (deb) package or other packages.

To install alien, give this command :
sudo apt-get install alien.

To convert a .rpm file to .deb file give this command in terminal :
sudo alien -d { package-name}.rpm

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  1. For a joke I used Alien for all App's (as meany as I could manually install) on a fresh Ubuntu Gnome install and lets just say in the end the system broke to the point where after doing a system update it no longer booted and chucked out errors in reference to a few of the Alien installed programs even before that the system started bugging out I think dependencies broke over time lol

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