Cool Linux Tools E1. PDF Shuffler

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This is the start of a new Linux Quest Series called Cool Linux Tools.
With this series you will find cool and useful tools for everyday task or functions within your Linux operating System. I hope these are helpful and fun.


  1. Very cool program…if I could only get it to work. I'm running Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon 64-bit on a new HP Pavilion, and while I can open the program and go to a folder to select a .pdf file to load, it only loads some .pdf files and not others. It absolutely will not load files from a sub-folder (i.e., Acme Bank is a sub-folder in Documents), and if I ask it to combine those files it does load into a single file, I get an error message saying "EOF marker not found". I really want to use this program, but how do I fix this??

  2. PDF Chain is also able to do the same functions.I prefer PDF shuffler,but have had it crash on very large PDFs,such as manuals.This is where I will try PDF Chain,which appears to handle the very large files better.

  3. Thank you for sharing this great software .. Last month I needed to combine some pdf files and finally did it using a good command/terminal software called "pdftk", however "pdf shuffler" looks much more friendly 🙂

  4. Thanks Rob, I'll check this one out.

    Do you know of any other pdf applications on Linux that would let you create and edit form fields like in Acrobat Pro? This is my main hang up in not switching to Linux at work.

  5. Thanks, good stuff, installed.
    Do you know any pdf software that is capable of inserting stamps/signatures? It's possible to do with Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, but their AUR versions are a joke and offer only small fraction of functionality. I checked lot of linux pdf programs but so far I couldn't find even a one that would have that capability. Maybe I'm missing something? Or maybe someone came across this? There is still a chance, so I'm asking.

  6. Great subject, that I have not seen anybody done video before. Keep up with the good work as I will follow you with interest. Archlinux Rocks with many Linux application Thanks

  7. Hi John, are you aware of any software on Linux that has measuring tool for measuring distance and area?
    I use this tool for doing take offs on house plans.
    Acrobat reader for windows has it, but i have struggled to find free software for Linux.

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