Copy photos from computer to usb drive/memory stick, Windows 7

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One fairly easy way to copy photos from your computer to a usb drive or “memory stick” using programmes that come with Windows 7. If you don’t have Windows Live photo gallery (Microsoft), google for it and download it for free.


  1. I don't have the 'windows live photo gallery' showing from the windwos start button..i even typed it in….!! ggrrrr!! this is sooooo aggravating! all I wanna do is put photos and video on a damn USB

  2. I have been editing my photos by picasa and yet when I transfer those to a memory stick I get the original unedited windows ones. How can I correct this please? Thank you.

  3. sorry for the delay. Which step isn't working? I've just tried this way again (-long time since did this) on a different Windows 7 computer and Windows Live photo gallery doesn't come up. If this is what's missing, you need to download & install it – a free programme from Microsoft. Just google 'windows live photo gallery'.

  4. I did the same exact steps, in fact I know most of the steps before, and have done at college computers, but for some reason can't do it on own personal computer.
    I wonder what I am doing wrong.

  5. Hi Mike:
    I am having a rather "odd problem. When I click on "select all" my
    pics will download onto the flash. However when I only select the ones I want to download it won't budge.
    I have tried everything possible.

  6. Hello Mike Ellis, thanks for you help , I followed your directions to the T and my windows actually opens the second method you mentioned and it worked like you said perfectly. we need more smart people like yourself in this World. thanks again…

  7. Hi Mike, I really cannot thank you enough for all your help, there I just one more thing that I would like to know and that is if I want all my photos that are in my photo gallery on to my USB stick how do I go about this.
    best regards

  8. Hi Mike here I am again Ha!Ha! but in your last message to me it go's on to say 1000 photos on a 4gb card though TO more but when I click onto more to see the rest of the message there I nothing, thank you once again Mike you have been a life saver.
    best regards

  9. Hi Mike well thank you very much for your patients in talking me through getting photos onto USB stick, well, well I did it got my first photo onto the stick, I have a 4 GB stick how many photos do you think this will hold, just one other thing Mike how can I clear up a stick of files that are no longer needed.
    thank you very much once again.
    best of regards

  10. Hi Mike sorry to be a pain but I didn't get the full reply message from you it go's on to say photos once you'v then I click onto more to get the rest of the message but nothing, but I did try what you said about clicking onto usb drv (j:) but all what comes up is FOLDER IS EMPTY.
    best regards

  11. Hi Mike, I tried again but still no windows explorer its still comes up the same as before in my last message to you a day ago, I thought if I try what you said a couple of times it might come up but.

  12. Thank you Mike, but still not able to get Windows Explorer up I did what you have said to do but what I get is: on the left hand side where it say computer, OS(C), HP RECOVER (D),TSB USB DRV (J:) then in the middle of that page I have 4 that say removable disk H, F, I, and G, then I tried clicking onto computer that's right on top of that page and the drop down did not have anything.
    thank you aging Mike for your help I am a proper dunce when it comes to computers,

  13. Hi Mick, if Windows Explorer doesn't pop up automatically once you plug in your usb/memory stick, press and hold the windows key (-looks a bit like a waving flag on it) then press the letter 'E' key once to bring it up. Then click on 'Removable disk' (-under 'Computer') and carry on with the steps from about 1:20 into the video to 'paste' them in to the usb stick. Hope this helps.

  14. Hi Mike, I am having trouble in getting my pic's onto my stick, I am doing everything that you say, I only get photo gallery and not what you say then all my pics comes up the same as yours, I tick what I want, edit, copy, then the stick, but no windows explore, but what happen then is I just get is the pics go back into photo gallery so instead of one I get two so I have doubled up on what I stated with, but nothing on the stick, best regards
    Mick F

  15. holy crap you are a life saver!!!!!!!! My computer hasn't worked in MONTHS but while i work i desided to try to get it to boot up and after it beeped at me a few times and on again off again with the power it finally booted up and so YAY all my pictures are now saved onto my flash drive. THANKS TO YOU!!! #sorelievedihaveallmymemoriesback 🙂

  16. In the pane where the "SanDisk applications" are showing, right-click in a bit of blank space (check that nothing else is highlighted) and a sub-menu should appear (-if not, make sure you have clicked the right hand mouse or touchpad button), look for 'paste' and click on it. Assuming you've done the first bit and copied the photos, they should now appear alongside the SanDisk applications folder.

  17. OK, nice presentation but once I "open folder" what shows are different "SanDisk applications" I do not see a "edit menu" anywhere on that page. Any clue? thanks

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