Cortana Commands Every User Needs to Know!

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Learn some of the voice commands that you can do with Microsoft Cortana in Windows 10. Starting with the most basic commands. Later in the video we get to the more humorous and funny responses from Cortana.


Cortana Setup Tips:

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  1. Well, somehow I get my information/results faster when I do it myself than asking Cortana to do it… not to mention that she uses internet explorer AND bing… instead of firefox and google like a normal person would do.

  2. Cortana censors you if you say, "Show me a naked woman" (woman will not show up) , but it doesn`t censor you if you say, "Show me a naked man."

    Yea, this kind of sexist bullshit pisses me off. Fuck it.

  3. Just tried many of the proposed commands in German. Turns out, Cortana is as dumb as Siri. You can ask for date, time, weather and it does recognize some hardcoded questions. But anything else – including many of the questions that work in English – just open a Bing search. But at least the (non-contextual) speech recognition is mature; Most bing searches are written correct. As of today, Cortana and Siri are little more than fancy alternative keyboards πŸ™

  4. It's so depressing how far behind Amazon, Microsoft are with voice control. Is anyone able to control Audible with Cortana? (besides just opening it), I've seen a few places online say it can but none expand on that and explain how.

  5. Came here looking to see if the music commands were still part of the set. Whenever I try to get Cortana to "play music" or "play {insert artist/album/song here}" she just searches my command in Bing. She's not even trying. Nothing concrete such as "couldn't play music" or "can't find music" , she just denies the existence of the play music commands! >:O

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