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Make Your USB Drive Bootable. Software Use is called WIN2FLASH



  1. sir this error happen whats the reason your licence does not support this additional feature 1. Disk checking (Process steps > Check the USB drive for errors)
    2. BSOD 0x6B fix (Setup Fixes > Fix STOP 0x6B SESSION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error )
    3. 3rd party Boot Loader (Boot loader > GRUB)

  2. lol i didn't know that i can work with the software before it executes xD 
    Turn what? capitache ? wtf is this xD . you are so mad you renamed the program too xD WIN2FLASH – WINTWOFLASH ? i never knew that program has hidden name LoL

  3. Seriously? You have an awsome 3d intro logo with sound, and you typed on the screen? Where the audio? By the way YOU didn't make WinXP bootable from USB, you used a program to make it.
    No reply needed. I wont respond.

  4. DOES NOT WORK ! TRIED ON DIFFERENT COMPUTERS, DIFFERENT USB STICKS. It doesn t write the data correctly and therefore it will never work. Tried 5 times. It writes 2 folders on the USB with $ character at the end. It does not copy the image structure correctly.

  5. CAUTION: Never download this software. and do not do that do in this video. this will fail your computers HARD DRIVE. and cause BIOS problem.this is very bad video please do not try this lol video ….. any one who want to fail his pc then he can try . but i am advising all of viewer do not try this.

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