Create bootable Windows XP, Vista or 7 ISO file.

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  1. Hi, I just saw your comment and I have the XP setup on my PC in VirtualBox. If you are still wanting help with this, then go to Spencer Congel's channel and check out his xp ISO video. Hope this helps. It certainly helped me.

  2. (Continuing from the first post)

    *Possibly theming? I.e. Rainmeter, Windows blinds, Boot screen/Logon screen theming.

    Software reviews

    Boosting computer performance?
    I.e. Page file edits, Cache cleaners, etc.

    And possibly some VMing/Sandboxing tutorials?

    Just suggestions~
    leme know whatcha think.


  3. (Apologies in advance if this gets cut off at all and a double post is made to finish the rest. Darn iPod touch not showing me text limits!)

    Gotta admit, You're pretty savy on the tutorials. I think my favorites are these and your Antivirus tests.

    I had to recently use this tutorial because I forgot some steps when I was making my own so it helped a lot, so thank you.

    And I have some suggestions that might fit your channel well..

    Antivirus Test:
    Avast! Antivirus

    Possibly them

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