Creating your first Windows 8 Metro app

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In this video you can learn how to create a basic Windows 8 Metro style app using c# and XAML in Visual Studio 11

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  2. Don't need to worry. Just go to toolbox => Drag Buttons to your form => Name them as Quit/Exit => Double click on the button => and just type "End" without quotes. And that's all done. Run your program.

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  4. Nce first video MVP. I would like to see how to build a page to pull news from other web pages and rss lists. I am sure it is easy, but as a newby with Visual Studio always looking for templates to follow.

  5. @KingColton1 Wow, Socialite. I've used Windows 8 since this long as well. Windows 8 Beta, Developers Preview and Consumer Preview!

    Still a Start Button, now I see how stupid it looks! hahaha!!!

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