Credential Manager in Windows 7

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In this video you will learn how to use the credential manager to auto-populate passwords and usernames.

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  1. Does not work for gmail or yahoo email accounts for starters. Where it may work is if you are using a client like Outlook installed on your hard disk then it may but it's not needed as Outlook will have this info stored anyway. Inputting details like passwords in there is a security risk imo as its too easily accessed.

  2. I just use roboform. Costs money, but I have 100's of log-ins saved, and available on multiple devices just by logging in to your roboform account. Plus it's all stored offline at Roboform automatically so if your computer ever crashes your data is always safe. Can't be without it.

  3. for some reason i cant do anything in my own account and it tells me to contact my administrator but the only one who uses this pc is me and i cant even download programs or make any changes to my pc… theres a bunch of places ive never even heard of where this info is. should i delete them?

  4. Really nice video Nathanael. I followed your instructions and added my gmail account under Generic credentials however, when I try to open the link in a web browser it still prompts me to enter username and password – its really not happening the way you have explained in your video. I'm using Windows 7 with Browsers: IE8, Chrome and Safari. Please suggest. Thanks!

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