CS:GO (Windows 7 vs Windows 10) Performance Benchmark

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Pc Specs :

CPU : AMD FX 8350 @4.00GHZ
VGA : ATI 7850 @860/1200MHZ
RAM : 4 GB @1600MHZ

FPS Benhmark test map v1.01:

windows 7 : 175.13 fps avg
windows 10 : 163.59 fps avg

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  1. ik that this vid is about this but I couldn't tell the difference so the people are good with computers and stuff, could you tell me if this would work good on windows 7  cuz I don't wanna waste money, thx

  2. okay I'm super late to this but! the one on the left (windows 7) is actually a camera recording it. And on the right there's a screen recording of the clip which means that it's just windows 10 on both of the screens. How do I know this? Look at the right corner of the left side, clearly camera recording! Compared to the right screen the right screen doesn't have the border things like the left screen.
    Also because the difference would be much more significant, and the coloring is much more different on the left screen. don't get fooled by this.

    Oh and windows 7 DOES offer better performance but suffers from the flaws and other things that may affect FPS in csgo.
    I suggest windows 8.1 for good performance and no constant fps drops like with windows 10. remember everybody can have their on opinion and perspective about everything so don't hate on me.

  3. It's so epic that everyone is saying that Windows 7 is better but if we move from unstable client benchmarks like CS:GO to some real benchmark tests you can really see that Windows 10 is better in most of them. But i am not saying that Windows 10 is still better than 7. Everyone has their own opinions. This was only mine.

  4. I don't really know if ppl are dumb or just pretend. This video clearly shows us NOTHING. What's the settings on Windows 7 and 10? Are they both original from Microsoft Website or pirated version from torrent? Are they activated? OEM Build or VLM one? Is Windows defender on on both cases? What process are running? How did he configure both Windows? What's the version on both cases? Pro, Home? Does one of them have AV installed? Whats the video driver version on both cases? Is Game DVR turned on on Windows 10?

    This ins't and will never be a trusted test. The video owner doesn't provide us a single useful information. This is total bullshit. He can easily manipulate the results as he wants.

    Get your shit together ppl.

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