Cube iwork8 Review Gaming Test Windows 8.1 Tablet 8 Inch U80GT

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Procesor: Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core Atom Prozessor
Memory: 32GB
OS:Windows 8.1
Intel HD Graphics GPU
Support Direct X11 Special Effects

Tested Game:
艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- 0:24
Ultimate Knight Windom XP(Extreme Vs Full Mod) 5:02
Counter-Strike Source (Counter-Strike Online Mod) 6:26
3D少女カスタムエボリュ 7:54

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  1. The Windom XP runs a little slow. The Ex vs. mod has too high system requirements because the wrong programing. Try the original version with the fixed build, version 2.005 or 2.008.

    Anyway superb tablet, cool! 😀

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