1. i do it but cant load logo boot sceen windows 8.1 buil 9600 . not run and lost logo boot screen.
    i try fix black boot screen by cmd run signer64 and bootres.dll but not succesfull
    who can helpme fix black boot screen???

  2. My laptop came with Windows 8.1 and a vendor logo on windows boot. Now, I want to install Windows 10 and use the same vendor logo. Is there a way to export the original logo from W 8.1 so that I can import it into W 10 by your tutorial?

  3. first of all sorry for my english,my pc has a problem,it freezes when it start up, it takes 2 to 4 min to start up,so i said if i change this logo maybe it helps my pc,and really it does cuz my my pc now takes 9 seconds to start up.really I LOVE U MAN ? great work, keep it up.

  4. Is this safe to use? Meaning is it a virus? I just have to check, because I just got a new laptop and I don't want to accidentally put a virus on it. I want to be able to change the image that shows up on boot to match my computer's theme, black and green.

  5. Well, i have searched my ass of for a red windows 8.1 boot logo in bmp format, but only bm7 files (windows 7 only) i saw. Is there any library online, or any change you can like convert a windows 7 bm7 file to windows 8.1 supported file? Would be very helpfull since i can't seem to find any boot logo's online for windows 8 and 8.1!

  6. Does it work with UEFI boot or in other words when I boot my laptop, I get the SAMSUNG logo because mine is samsung. This means the Windows blue logo does not show. Will it still work?

  7. I followed the instructions applied my new age, but it doesn't show up in the boot screen. Now it's just a black screen with the moving dots. What should I do?

  8. when i did this it didnt work the first time so i used the link in the comments to fix it for 8.1 then it worked, then i used a command line to remove the watermark and when i rebooted again the logo was gone what do you think happened? can this be fixed?

  9. Help me Please! It doesn't work. it removes the default then i'm left with a blank logo during boot up. it never puts a new on on the boot screen.
    When i typing in cmd: "C:WindowsBootResourcesbootres.dll" it says: Error:The system cannot find the file specified.

  10. How can i make it so its larger, i think its incredibly small, so its hard to see what it says when its larger. Any possible way to make it use more space or even the whole screen?

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