Customize Windows 10 With StartIsBack++ And Visual Styles

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For those wondering, this was done inside a virtual machine on a test PC I use. Download links below.

Start Menu:

Black Visual Style:

Ribbon Disabler:

A Custom Start Orb:




  1. Hello everyone, Davidson here. I do apologize for not having an updated Customization of Windows 10. Lucas, who did this video, recent relocated to a different state, and has been working full time. He doesn't know when he is going to get the next video finished. I would do it, but with lack of funding for the software I might need I wouldn't be able to do it. Rest assured, we are working the best we can, working around our work schedules and my college schedules. I do want to thank everyone for being patient. I am looking forward to the new video myself. Have a great day!


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