Customizing Windows 10 Themes With UXPatcher

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HI! I made a video showing you how to customize windows 10 using uxpatcher, also how to unlock dark theme for windows 10 with registry. thanks for the view!

proxmox virtual environment:

windows 10 registry:

Info Source:

windows 10 login changer:

new anniversery update:



  1. How to un-brick your PC, 1. ALWAYS MAKE A RESTORE POINT BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING 2. if you got bricked, now is the time to use that restore point by going into automatic repair by restarting your PC, then as soon as you see the logo, hold the power button and repeat it 3 times, until you get to the "Your computer didn't start properly" and then click "advanced" and another "advanced" button, then click on "Use system restore point" and then go on from there to restore your PC before you did it.
    I have a working custom theme right now, switched to a old one, and it bricked me, so I had to restore my PC with the restore point through trial and error.
    This happened a couple of months ago.

  2. i have doe Custom PC's and laptops for 11 years now and before i do the custom make over i always do a repair disk and restore point with a custom name for easy reference for the customer . i will agree with DepressedLoli if you don't know what you are doing then do not mess with anything. i have custom made themes for everyone i can make personal themes for windows 7 8.1 and 10 and also ship them out on a bootable usb or disk

  3. The three files UXInit.dll UXTheme.dll and ThemeUI.dll are going to brick your computer. Windows will not pick up the errors, so make sure you have a older Windows USB, DVD, or a Linux USB, DVD. I had to learn the hard way.

  4. All I had to do was unzip the theme file and drag and drop into the themes folder and it worked lol, for the first part windows has that option included now after the anniversary lets you back out some things now without downloading anything

  5. at first i try this my whole computer turn all black i try it again and it works its cool dark theme but one things is the " File explorer still white can you plss help me how to turn it to black… its still white dam i dont like the white thing..

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