De-Suck Windows 8: The Best Windows 8 Start Menu – Start8 vs Start is Back

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  1. ClassicShell is a free alternative. It's great and a lot better than the windows 10 start screen. You can even use the windows 95 start menu. OOOH FANCEH!

  2. Used ClassicShell on many systems, even on Windows Server 2012 R2, no problems at all and free. Never had crashing Explorer or anything but I do not mod my systems more than for comfort.

  3. I use Classic Start because you can change the overall appearance of the menu. I have a black/grey color to match the theme of my windows. It does have a program that runs in the background, but seems to use very little resources.

  4. my dad would probably be like "Oh use classic shell It's free." He would still want me to use it even though this only costs a dollar.
    Classic shell also sucks.

  5. Ive used classic start for six months now without any issues, it does exactly what I need it to do. In your "New Laptop" video, you said that there is a ton of reasons not to use it, linking to this video. So what are the reasons not to use classic start?

  6. Even though a key for Start8 is technically for one PC, you can install it on more (I installed it on all PCs in the house on one key no problems). I would switch to StartIsBack because it does look nice, but with Windows 10 so close I don't think it's worth it anymore ;p

  7. I still like Start8 better, contrary to your experience, mine was opposite. I was having issues with StartIsBack, but Start8 has never caused me issues, in fact, I have totally forgot about it, and metro for that matter. I did download the user made 'Metro Theme' which only makes it look like it belongs even more than before. Totally matches, and someone who didnt know would know no the wiser that it isn't just part of the regular OS.

  8. i was not shure if i should download this but when i tried the 30 free thing and i pressed the start button i started screaming yes, YES!!! and spam clicking the button out of happyness without realizing it.

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