Dead Drop 16 / AntBleed, USB Canary, Linux Privacy Guide, Brickerbot

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Welcome to Dead Drop number 16, your look at what’s happening in the worlds of computer security, and digital freedom. All source links are below. All footage use falls under fair-use guidelines for news and comment.


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  1. The keyless hack one is interesting.

    I recall a more simple way some bad guys were doing it using a jammer to block the signal from the key fob so the doors wouldnt lock (since a lot of people just trust it to work 100% of the time). Then once the victim is away, the person with the jammer would just open the unlocked doors and could access the electronics system to program a new keycode for a blank fob.

  2. Have you ever made an open source mobile phone? Maybe turn a portable linux terminal into a phone that isn't constantly tracking everything you do but still allow you to text and call?

  3. No idea but lately all the sites I normally go to are getting blocked for me, I had to use Tor to get to medium to read that Linux privacy paper.

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