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Today, I will be going over the differences between popular, yet original Linux Distribution Debian 7.8 “Wheezy” and its most successful descendant, Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr”.

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Ubuntu Desktop Official Download Page:

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  1. As a person who's FIRST Linux install WAS Debian, I feel, personally, that you are fairly pro Ubuntu. I Also am atypical in that i didn't go to GNOME first, unlike most Americans. I like most Europeans, went KDE. What can i say, KDE has more 'eye candy'. I found it HIGHLY customizable. As such, I have 4 buttons per window, which may seem like a bit to some, but they are handy when needed, as doing anything can be done in a more orderly way, I choose to do many things like OS X. I have added a couple. Namely I use an "on all desktops" button, which is handy as I have multiple desktops. then I have shade, minimize, maximize/full-screen, and close.

  2. every stupid nerd out there developing its own distro instead of uniting forces to make a real threat to micro$oft. i'm fucking sure micro$oft has people involved in making this distro chaos. Ubuntu, suse, fedora, zorin, reactos, arch, gentoo, debian, kubuntu, kukuntu, kumuntu, kunmotherfucker. Give a Fucking Break. IT'S Literally a complete CHAOS. I don't get this.

  3. You can install gnome-shell alongside Ubuntu Unity, and switch you preference of window manager at the login screen. This is what I do, because I love Gnome, but for the guest account, Unity is slightly easier to use.

  4. Unity is what made me go away from ubuntu and discover other great distros like zorin os which have one of the most beautiful desktop environnement (based on ubuntu) and the debian based Q4OS, with trinity (that's awesome) the fastest and most stable lightweight linux distro i have ever tried and installed.
    But I also discovered non debian based distros like the fedora based korora, the arch based manjaro, opensuse…
    Linux is very great!

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