Debian GNU/Linux Crash Course — Lesson 1

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Debian GNU/Linux Crash Course — Lesson 1

In this lesson you will learn how to:

1.Navigate in and out of directories and list their contents
2.Create and remove directories
3.Create and remove files
4.Write text to files and read files into the prompt


  1. I have Windows 10 on my main PC. Linux Mint on my main laptop. Tried Debian for my "hobby" laptop. After few days and about 20 hours inputting command lines I did not even manage to install Asus N10 Wireless driver. I'm about to F this and install XP. Its very old laptop, any suggestions?

  2. As much as I appreciate that these tutorials exist, I was a bit disappointed in the fact that this was a general Linux terminal tutorial instead of discussion how to do Debian specific stuff (like making startup scripts, managing repo's / PPA's, working with apt and stuff like that).

    Thanks anyway though.

  3. Another good human being in this world.
    You have my respect and attention sir.
    I have a Raspberry Pi I'm setting up to double as a carputer media center when I'm not using it in the house to learn Python.
    This is exactly what I need to get familiar with installing the programs I am going to need for my media center configuration!

  4. thank you for sharing!

    as a person who learns best when i see it done by example, this has been the most effective tutorial i have used. please continue to do more….cheers!

    God bless you brother!

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