Debian vs Fedora vs Ubuntu

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What do you think of Debian vs Fedora vs Ubuntu?

Add Mint to that list, and I think you have the top four Linux distributions listed on Distro Watch.

I don’t want Mint.

Debian’s big draw is stability. But that’s in part because it has been around a long time, so it has had time to mature.

Versus Puppy Linux and other cutely named ones.

Fedora is named for a Spanish hat. How bad is that?

I don’t know anything about the operating system.

Fedora spun off from a graduate project…


  1. Both Steam versions (linux and windows) are easy to install to Debian from Steam site. Wine-staging works well in Debian, so you can have many windows games, see winhehq site. Windows games look better than linux games and for example Prince of Percia and Tomb Raider series are cheap to buy on dvds.

    Debian mini.iso installer is handy, it is just 30MB download. In the installer choose Debian Desktop and Xfce to have a fast and stabile desktop. Debian Testing release (currently named as Stretch) is recommended because of then you can install latest software. Debian stabile version breaks to unusable condition with testing and sid packages.

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