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==What are your thoughts on Deepin 2014?==
I review Deepin 2014, a unique distribution with its own set of desktop applications and environment. It’s very polished, and half the time, you almost forget you’re using a Linux based operating system. It is based on Ubuntu 14.04, so it’s still compatible with the large majority of hardware configurations out there.


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  1. Ive just taken a look at Deepins English site as I am looking for a linux to ride next to XP.
    Wow! Their current interface gives you 3 GUI options.. One is more Mac, and the others generally are more Windows based. To me, that's an amazing feature right out of the gate.
    Looking through the site, it seems that every single thing that they have done to this point is stylish, unique, and useful. If I ever move to re[place windows completely, this is the direction I will go.
    There are a few reasons I'm not jumping in yet though.
    1. I am looking for something lighter, and it seems to be nearly on par with windows as far as resources.
    2. I have already done the partitioning and I dont want I redo all that right now. When I go to Deepin I will give it a lot more than the 25 gigs I have set aside.
    3. I don't see the Deepin project as being in any danger of collapse and I know that given a little more time, they are going to have less adding, dialing, and tuning left to do. So I will wait patiently and keep checking back on progress. Dont get my wrong, its not a "beta". Its a slick OS right now. But with time it will be even better and since I'm not ready yet, the wait wont hurt me.

    Deepin is probably the best OS Ive seen this year.. bar none. If it runs as good as it looks, it's going to be the most popular OS going as soon as the mainstream catches on.

  2. Stop arguing about what desktop environment is best. It's all subjective and everyone's favorite will be different. Instead of arguing over the best, tell people why you like them and not screaming about how it's the best. Stop making the community so toxic.

  3. Hi
    How well do you think this will run on an acer aspire 2,3 ghz with 8 gigs of ram and IntelHD graphics ? It looks kinda nce and I got Mitn 17.1 MATE setup pn my stationary gaming machine just the way I like it and I don't want to ruin anything so my laptop can work as a testing machine.

  4. Is it easy to dualboot with this Distro ?
    Cause I reaaaallly want to try it, but I don't want to mess up my Win 7 install since I play alot of games from Winows.
    Space for both operating systems are not an issue

  5. What kind of customization options are there for the dock?  And can I get rid of it if I want to or maybe replace it with another dock program?  Maybe these are stupid questions but I'm new to Linux.  It looks awesome.  The desktop is lightweight, no?

  6. I have been using various Linux distributions since 2008. However, this is the first time I have come across Deepin.
    I agree with you, InfinitelyGalactic, about the unique and creative user interface they have come up wirh…

    Hats off to the developers…

  7. No offence.. but I wouldn't be telling people to install things if they CAN'T run in a virtual environment first. Not a good idea.  Try making a live DVD/USB instead.  if if it doen't boot from that; forget it.. LOL  I have tried this on two seperate machines.. both failed, Neither of them are particularly old computers.

  8. Just got a new hard drive cause the old one crapped out. I was looking for an alternative to Lubuntu and this could be it. It's certainly interesting enough to try for a while. And it's pretty (what's the Chinese version of kawaii?). Gonna boot this up now.

  9. Hi IG,
    on my virtualbox I have only one resolution to choose – 640×480.
    Don't know how to install guest additions in deepin, so there will be more resolutions to choose from. Or maybe you know a different workaround for this?

    My host:
    VB: 4.3.12

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