Dell 15″ Laptop Windows 10 AMD A10 Quad Core 12GB RAM 1TB HD Tech and Office with Rick Domeier

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  1. buy this laptop from the official website, I'd probably get in a couple of days, the use you give will be for my university use, but I'd play a couple of games, is that the AMD APU is not the best of graphics cards but if optimized to work in slower think I can run some demanding game OVERWACH for example?

  2. who uses this laptop and who can tell me if it's a good laptop for buy compared to a HP core i3 used. cos I wanna buy it soonest. is the keyboard an issue? how is the battery and what's the general performance. I want to use it for web designing as I'm seeing from your comments that it gets hot.

  3. it's funny they give you a lamo small 1 tb hard disk and worst of all it's the slowest hard disk they could put in there being it's a 5400 rpm they never give ya a 7200 which would give better speed or better yet an ssd then it might be a real deal

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