Dell Dimension 8400 hard drive swapout with Windows XP reload

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A loooong video upload, showing what I did to swapout my 80GB hard drive with a 500GB hard drive on my older Dell Dimension 8400 desktop PC, running Windows XP.
0:00 to 7:33 – long-winded explanation …
07:34 – unboxing the new hard drive
09:37 – opening the Dell 8400
14:20 – actual swap
18:14 – check to see that system recognizes new hardware
20:00 – windows re-install
23:43 – windows xp file processing
29:05 – windows xp initialization
30:00 – computer startup
32:50 – final result after…


  1. I have this same pc, it has a p4 at 3.0 ghz, 3 gb ram, an amd r5 230 gpu and a 1tb hard drive, running a multi-os setup including linux mint, win xp, windows 7 ultimate. Today I am going to attempt a win98se install on a seperate hdd formatted in fat 32. Im not going to attempt a boot record entry on the main os, i can just choose to boot that drive from startup boot menu if i want 98. Hoping it works, fingers crossed. This old machine runs some pretty amazing stuff, the last of the great single core hyperthreading interceptors

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