Dell Inspiron 1525 – Running Windows 10

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How well would a 2007 consumer grade laptop fare with Windows 10, 8 years later? Well, let’s find out shall we?


  1. I have a Inspiron 1525
    – Inter Core 2 Duo T6400 2Ghz, 3GB Ram , 400GB normal Default Hardrve (no SSD), 1395 WlAN mini card

    Shud I install windows 10 ?? If yes than 64 or 32 ??

    I am basically looking for a fast OS where I can run my Photoshop & Illustrator software well…since I only have to manage with my Dell 1525

    Please let me know if it's a good idea to go fr WIN 10..

  2. Hi,

    I have my laptop was crash and I lost original Window Vista 32 bit home edition. My company engineer has installed Window 10 with 64 bit OS.

    Now everything is working fine, however when I start Video conference with skype it will shows blue light beside web cam lens. But cam just only shows black square and does not fetch my images there. So other will not able to see me.

  3. Do you have a tutorial at the point where everything is so slow on this computer. x_x Sucks because if I do upgrade to windows 10 I'll lose my Photoshop and music. D:

  4. I just upgraded my 1525 a month ago and I can say that it's running faster than ever! This is my hardware: BIOS Version A17, CPU T9300 @ 2.50 GHz/6M/800MHz, 4 GB RAM PC2-6400 (800MHz), 500 GB SSD 😀

  5. Thank you.. I've one lap exactely like you show up and I was thinking if it was possible to use the W10 on it. Let ask one point more…. are there some kind of delay when use two softwares at the same time??
    the office and flash video-class (the University use mp4 for class-videos) can work together or mighth meanwhile you needs to elaborate a powerpoint presentation and procuce some spreedsheet??

  6. I've been relying on my trusty Dell Inspiron 1525 since the winter of 2007. It came with Vista – moved on to 7 – and recently moved on to 10. 32 bit. Its handling well and I 'really' appreciate its ruggedness (and I think its a beautiful laptop to boot). Updated to 4GB (3.49GB utilizable – 32-bit) and replaced the battery twice (my fault for shelving one for 6 years))

    One thing that is troubling me though is that I cannot seem to update to DirectX11. I seem to be stuck on driver WDDM 1.1 so I would sure appreciate any pointers as the latest drivers I'm able to locate seem to date back to 2011…

  7. @nelizmastr I have a Inspiron 1525 with Core 2 Duo T5750.
    1) I had already upgraded my RAM to 3GB, as I have read online that 32 bit config does not support more than 3GB irrespective of maximum capacity of 4 GB.

    2) I am also planning to upgrade the processor. I have shortlisted two CPU. T7700 (4MB cache, 2.4ghz, 65nm) and T8300 (3MB cache, 2.4 ghz, 45nm).

    I need your advice / suggestion regarding which one of the two to select.

    3) I am also thinking of putting a 120 GB Kingston SSD and shift my 160 GB HDD to the DVD drive location (as my DVD drive is non functional). SSD will serve as primary memory and the HDD can provide additional storage. So total 280 GB is not bad.

    What do you think ? Please revert back and incase there is an email id for further advice, do let me know.

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