Dell Inspiron 6400 / E1505 Factory OEM Windows XP Drivers 32bit/x86 Download

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Site & Links UPDATED: JULY 6TH 2011
Complete Drivers Installer DL:

** Also Has the Audio Programs Installer too.

DIRECTIONS: Install Windows XP on Your Laptop.
Then Run the .DELL.INSPIRON.6400.E1505.XP.Drivers Self Installer and it does ALL of the Work for…


  1. @barnuts123 You can use nLite (to make custom XP CD iso) there is a ADD DRIVER function there. Another way is to Direct Windows when it searches for drivers to these.. Below- I added a CD with Installers and I leave that in and they will install one by one. I just may make a xp iso with the drivers later on in future and post it here..

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