Destination Linux EP08 – Solus with Special Guest Ikey Doherty

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In this special episode of Destination Linux we have as our guest Ikey Doherty founder of the Solus Project. Ikey shares what is going on with the project including what to look for in future releases of Solus. We hope you enjoy the show and thanks for stopping by Ikey!

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  1. On being fast
    I run current versions of Antergos, Kubuntu and Solus on the same hardware. Having spent a bit of time researching tips and trying to coax the first two it is still only Solus which has provided advertised read and especially write speeds on a Samsung 960 EVO NVME SSD, and on Solus it did so immediately and without any tweaks. I certainly recommend running multiple distros, bootable from multiple disks, both as a fail-safe for common update issues, (oops blank screen on update oops grub broken oops no wifi etc), and also to compare distro performance when directly installed on the same hardware. Makes more sense than distro hopping in the traditional sense, and costs little time and no money.

  2. I've been using linux for 10+ years, I've packaged for other distributions such as elementary in the past and in my experience it took me less time to get used to tools like solbuild and eopkg than it did to get used to even dnf or pacman in the past. The packaging here is much easier than anywhere else as well.

  3. i had a similar experience with budgie. I was a die hard gnome-shell user. But budgie slowly worked its way in there and eventually replaced gnome-shell. No regrets here. Can't wait for budgie 11!

  4. Hello Rob and Rocco !
    Ikey with his smile, his regard and his attitudes reminds me of the brilliant young Orson Welles ! It is a pity I couldn't install the Budgie version of Solus in VirtualBox. When I wanted to create a user it kept remaining with the live user. So when I booted on hard disk the user I created wasn't there. The live user was the only option. With the Mate version I could install it but I have something weird happening each time. Normally the first line you see is something like /dev/sda1 clean so many blocks and so on. I have two lines: one in English and the same in French and I can't boot. I need to power off the machine and to restart and then I get three lines two in English and one in French but I'am able to boot!!!
    For updates I get an arrow turning clockwise and it takes a very long time to display the available updates. For updates, the fastest distros I tried are OBRevenge OS, Arch installed via the Revenge installer and LXDE, Lubuntu 16.10 and WattOS. VLC is incredibly fast in Lubuntu 16.10 while SMPlayer is extremely fast in Fedora 25.
    Great and entertaining soliloquy(Solusloquy) of Ikey!!!:)
    Best regards to both of you,

  5. That might have been one of the more impactful videos on Linux I have ever watched. Partial credit to Ikey of course, but thanks to to both Rocco and Rob for having the session in the first place, and staying out of the way during those moments when Ikey was channeling… Ikey. In all seriousness, you opened a window for viewers who weren't aware what Ikey and Solus are about. It's a shame that some might not have watched the whole thing, as there were some important things shared. And now I am in a lather about this package manager i want that doesn't even exist yet… Sorry for the hyperbole, but it's heartfelt, and I hope I am not the only one that feels that way.

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