Destination Linux EP42 – Unpolished, Raw & Difficult

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Welcome to Destination Linux Episode 42 – Unpolished, Raw & Difficult

Microsoft has already fixed the Wi-Fi attack vulnerability Krack Attack

PureVPN’s ‘non-existent’ logs used to track, arrest alleged internet stalker

Did PureVPN Cross a Line When It Disclosed User…


  1. I am a REALLY CHINTZY Patreon conttributor to DL… BUT I would love the behind-the-scenes look into the production of a weekly episode for the insight into your methods and know-how… W. (Whit)

  2. HOORAY you mentioned Peppermint. Peppermint 8 is so smooth. I personally have my main system set up to dual-boot Peppermint 8 and Xubuntu 17.04. If you are going to hate Peppermint, first put about 8 Altoids Peppermints in your mouth and burn out your sinuses, then I can see it. Peppermint 6 wasn't so good but 7 was great and so is 8. BUT!!… We all like what we like.

  3. The article in the Register was nothing but BS and misinformation. I let them know it. Maybe I should write an article on quantum processors . I know nothing about them but I'm sure I could get a job at the Register.

  4. @Big Daddy Linux @DASGeek Great podcast lads :). The only real way of staying secure on any OS, is really, to go in to the hosts file, make a copy of it.Then go to "" copy an paste in from where it says "Shock-sites" down into your hosts file and save it. Which is what both VPN and anti-virus applications install onto your PC in the first place, which their software just replaces your hosts file with theirs.

  5. Great show! Enjoy watching your broadcast! Sorry Rocco, but XFCE is actually nice LOL Just put ArchMerge on my Older DELL laptop (third distro since yesterday BTW..who distrohops???) and it may be a contender to stay. I have been trying ALL distros that have XFCE to see which one I would like to keep. Believe it or not, Fedora is one of them.

  6. Rob and Ryan, another good show gents. Rob as you mentioned Ubuntu 17.10 and its derivatives have been awesome. It is increasingly becoming confusing to pick one distro over the other. Mint, Ubuntu, Mankaro, Solus …. All are superb. Probably this is a good confusion to have and this confusion will make Linux desktop OS of the masses.

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