Destination Linux EP55 – Goobuntu “Meh”

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Welcome to Episode 55 of Destination Linux for 1-29-18

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Is Switching Back To Xorg

Debian Is New Choice For Google In-House Distro

KDE Plasma Committed To Desktop Icons

KDE Plasma Tips and…


  1. Software centers: I love KDE but the Discover App store sucks! Constant freezes. The Elementary store is very limited. Deepin – another contender apparently – would not even load. What does work is the Linux Mint software store – I choose the Mint DKE version for the aesthetic appeal!

  2. FWLIW, I was having 'running out of space' warning issues yesterday on Mint 18.3 Cinnamon.
    GParted, Nemo and disk analyser all reported plenty of space and the rapid decrease in "reported" "available" space remaining, was dropping by GBs a minute and no apps running that'd be writting like that (closest was a Crypto wallet, but that wasn't close to consuming space like that, let alone on the root drive).

    I'd been meaning to shuffle my SSD partitions a bit anyway, so a Live boot later, more space assigned and as yet no 'low disk space' warnings.
    Given the similarities, could be some bug somewhere in the buntuSphere.

  3. Another GREAT show guys. I really look forward to 2 days a week , Sat. & Mon. I dont think I need to say why. I hoping to see Roco back on Manjaro KDE sometime. Man its just so nice, really it is…Sounds like your happy with Ubuntu MATE though. As long as it works and your happy with it , then we are happy for you. Afterall Rocco, Ubuntu MATE fixed your buffering issue on Sat. Night Live. Once again, Great show guys..

  4. You never discussed the fact that Google also supports debian like Ubuntu as well and that Debian receives monetary support from Google (paying for annual 2017 conference, etc.). Google also works hand in hand with Debian by testing packages, rebuilding them, filing and fixing bug fixes. Google does a lot of QC work as member of the debian community. Wish you guys did your homework on this before reporting but oh well. I still gave you a thumbs up for the effort.

  5. Hello Rocco ! This is the article which will help you:
    Use ncdu (maybe you'll have to install it first) and proceed accordingly.
    If that doesn't help the second lead would be a process eating space. For that case read this:
    I hope it helps. You can also use htop and press F6 and decide how to sort the results.
    Best regards,

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