Destination Linux EP59 Nostalgia Dogifesto

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Welcome to Episode 59 for 2-26-18
Your hosts this week are Rocco, Ryan, Zeb and Michael and this is Destination Linux.

This week we cover
Ubuntu Adds Minimal Installation Option 18.04

Users Upgrading can Opt-In instead of Opt-Out for data collection



  1. Great show, as always.
    Having said that, as one of the few users of Amarok, how dare you not to say all in unison that is the greatest music app ever created! Obviously, I am joking. Keep using Plasma Roco, you won't regret it.

  2. I was at dinner with a buddy a couple years ago and he had to go to his car for something. He attempts to walk out what he thought was the front door and smashes his face into a glass wall almost breaking his nose….laughed so hard i cried right there in the restaurant.

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