Destination Linux EP65 – Artyom Zorin of ZorinOS

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Welcome to episode 65 of Destination Linux

Today we have Artyom Zorin on our show.

ZorinOS Blog

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Zorin Website

About Artyom:
Co-creator of popular Zorin OS
Linux Enthusiast
Technology Entrepreneur

About Zorin OS:
First release of Zorin July of 2009
Based on Ubuntu (LTS)
GNOME or Xfce
Architecture: x86_64 & i386

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  1. Great show, and great job Zorin OS!
    Oh, and for Zorin: Firstly, can you please citate that "Don't have to worry about viruses" bit of the website, and secondly, your distro would be on a friend's laptop, if only I could get it working with the NETGEAR WNDA3100v2 stick…

  2. Thanks Michael! I'm cruising around Wally World listening to this show, and you start in with those voices! I had to fight busting my gut in public! Awesome interview! 2018 may not be the Year of Linux, but it could be The Year of Zorin.

  3. Wish ZorinOS all the best in their business model. We're just not seeing the numbers that can make it viable in the long term.
    According to my research there is not a mass exodus of Windows and Mac desktop users over to Linux desktop systems. Although it is difficult to track then create a realistic user based charting system since there is no way to accomplish that yet. Ubuntu Linux is on the right track but that was met with harsh criticism and they backtracked somewhat.
    Unless Zorin and 'Clem' of Mint (because it also closely resembles Windows systems) are adventurous enough to institute a user tracking system, there will never be a method to know the real numbers of users, what they use, how they use it, and where they use it. These numbers are ultimately important for Linux desktop systems to succeed going forward in a user pay based model environment. If you charge a fee for a system and it's not Microsoft, Apple or Google then you had best offer something unique that everybody wants.

  4. If you have mime types enabled for "wine" and use Firefox I know a way to get access to all your processes running as that user. And it also makes it possible for me to monitor your consoles for when you access root logins. And i can do this by using ad networks, thus its remote exploitable. And as you will not be running any software that detects this behavior its more or less invisible to you as a user.

  5. Zorin has supplied a very user-friendly and nice looking distro for quite a while now. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the time I spent using the paid version of the distro with only one gripe…well, more of a concern. Their user forum, while sufficing, only appears to have a single individual manning the forums most of the time and that individual seems to be spread thin. Again, no harm-no foul but only having one active community member helping the masses is a very glaring weakness to one degree or another.

    With that said, it's a great distro and I look forward to supporting them with purchasing the next LTS release.

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