Destroy Linux with one command

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Using cd / && rm -rf * on Ubuntu Linux.
Wonderful 🙂


  1. If your not root then your just going to kill your own profile and some temp files, sure your login doesn't work anymore but certainly the machine was still standing, just kill the process with root and login with another user, its a joke really.

  2. thanks m'tesh hates Linux, he thought he hated windows but Ubuntu raped his life. no more mods , no more games he likes and no crackle ect….. 🙁 time to kill his toaster oven he he muuu ha ha.

  3. That little apple in the corner says it is unix, not linux. I thought sudo Bash command runs "bash" as a super user. Which means you still need to log in as root correct? If so then this is pointless except to destroy your own system. Even if you could get nto another system with ssh, whats the use of the command if you need the password to login in as root and you dont have it?

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